Diabetes Specialist Service

Diabetes Specialist Dietitians (DSDs)

What do we do?

Our Diabetes Specialist Dietitians (DSDs) support patients living with diabetes through evidence based dietary and lifestyle advice. Using in-depth knowledge, they consider multiple factors which influence diabetes control including nutritional status, medication, physical activity and lifestyle. The DSD’s offer practical, individually tailored advice to promote well-being and prevent nutrition related problems.

Where do we do this?

We are currently able to support patients with a range of appointments including face to face, telephone and video consultations. DSDs also work closely with other departments including the Cystic Fibrosis and Renal team to ensure dietary advice is consistent and up to date, as patients can live with multiple health complications.

What about my other Diabetes Health Care Professionals?

As well as working with you 1:1 the DSDs are a valued member of several multi-disciplinary team (MDT) clinics including; Antenatal, pre-conception and insulin pump clinics, working alongside the Diabetes Specialist Nurses (DSNs) and Diabetes Consultants to support patients in a holistic to get the best possible care. Your DSD will keep your GP and practice nurse up to date with any changes agreed in your care at appropriate intervals.

Do you know about Diabetes Technology?

Our DSD’s are able to support patients using technology such as flash monitors, continuous glucose monitors and insulin pumps. They can use this tech to provide detailed and personalised recommendations on diet and medication to support patients optimise their blood glucose levels throughout the day.

I don’t want to be “put on a diet” do I still need to see a Dietitian?

Our team aim to support patients living with diabetes to lead a healthy life, this doesn’t always have to mean making drastic changes to your diet. As part of their role our DSD’s can support you with education around diet to help you to make an informed decision about the foods and drinks you chose to consume. For some patients this may include carbohydrate counting and insulin dose adjustment education; this teaches patients to accurately self-adjust their insulin dependent upon what and when they are eating to help support glycaemic control.

How can I see a Diabetes Specialist Dietitian?

If you wish to see a DSDs you will need to ask your health care professional to refer you. We accept referrals from primary care (GP, Practice Nurses, Health & Well-Being Support Workers) and secondary care (Diabetes Consultants and Diabetes Specialist Nurses) but are unable to accept self-referrals to our service.


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