Nutritional support whilst recovering from Covid-19

We know that Covid-19 can negatively impact on a person’s nutritional status. For example, symptoms such as taste changes, difficulty breathing, loss of appetite and fatigue may cause you to eat less. Nutritional requirements may also increase. This can lead to weight loss, which may increase your risk of malnutrition. To reduce this risk, you may need extra calories and protein in the short term to help minimise weight loss or restore lost weight.

If you have had a stay on intensive care, you may also have additional protein requirements as you may have experienced significant muscle wasting. This extra protein can help rebuild your strength alongside physical therapy.

You may have additional health conditions which have been affected by Covid-19. For example, we know that Covid-19 can make it more difficult for patients with diabetes to control their blood sugars. They may therefore benefit from a low glycaemic index diet (see link below) to help regulate blood sugars.

Please see useful links below for dietary support whilst you are recovering from Covid-19. If you have any queries or feel you need further support from a dietitian, please contact us using the details on the ‘Contact Us’ page.