Home Visits

Who we provide home visits for?

Home visits are only available for housebound patients and residents of Nursing Homes and Care Homes that meet our referral criteria.

Visits will only be undertaken if necessary and advice may be given over the phone, if deemed appropriate.

For additional support, you are welcome to have a friend, family member, or carer present at the home visit appointment.



Please be aware that it is now Trust Policy that all pets are secured away when a member of staff is visiting.

We ask that you, or people you share your home with refrain from smoking whilst the visit takes place and that you ensure the room is well ventilated if smoking has taken place prior to the visit.


The Department of Nutrition and Dietetics trains students and there may be occasions where a Student Dietitian is present at your home visit appointment. If you would prefer them not to be present, please feel free to tell us.