Clinical Appointments

Once we have received a referral from your G.P, Consultant or Health Professional, we will send you:

  • An ‘Opt-In’ letter offering you a choice of a Telephone, Video, 1:1 Clinic Appointment or a Group Education Session
  • If you have been referred for a Home Visit a Dietitian will contact you by phone to discuss and book an appointment

Click on images below for further information:

You can respond to the ‘Opt-in Letter’ in TWO ways:

Telephone us on (01253) 957871 and speak to one of our administrators or leave a message on our 24 hour answermachine
Email us via

If no response is received after 2 weeks, you will be discharged from our service

What Happens Next

Once you have opted in to the dietetic service, you will be placed on a waiting list until an appointment becomes available.

We will then contact you by telephone to book an appointment and give you details of the date, place and time of your appointment or group education session.

We may also send you an ‘Appointment Letter’ to confirm these details, if there is enough time for the letter to reach you before your appointment.

If this appointment is not suitable, please contact us to either rearrange or cancel. This will allow us to offer the appointment to someone else and help reduce our waiting lists.

If you do not attend your appointment or group education session without letting us know you will be discharged from our service. Your referrer and GP will be informed.

Food and Drink Diary

You may also be asked to keep a food and drink diary for 3 days before your appointment. Click on the Image below for an example of how to keep a food and drink diary

Keeping a food and drink diary can help:

  • To reflect on your eating and drinking. Becoming aware of what you eat and how food fits into your lifestyle is important to managing and maintaining any changes you make
  • You and your Dietitian to plan small, realistic changes to improve your eating habits and lifestyle