News and Media


The team is available to handle media enquiries on the following numbers.

  • 01253 956941
  • 01253 953538
  • 01253 953059
  • 01253 957155

You can see our latest press releases here.

About the team

The team is responsible for media relations on behalf of the Trust and manages all internal and external communications. Promotion of the services we offer for the local community is a priority for the team. We work with journalists in print, TV, radio and online to promote all the positive developments at the hospital and to ensure the public get the right information.

We want to ensure you have access to all the information you want and need to make choices about your healthcare.

What services are provided?

• Media and external communications
• All internal communications for staff, patients and visitors
• Maintenance of the Trust website
• Monitoring and responding to social media on the corporate Trust accounts
• Production of Weekly News and other corporate publications
• Support for opening ceremonies and official visits
• Department of Health queries such as MP questions
• Celebrating Success Awards
• Video production
• Digital marketing

Office hours

During office hours (Monday to Friday, 8.30 – 17:00) all media enquiries should be directed to the team on 01253 956941, 01253 953538, 01253 953059, 01253 957155 or e-mail

For assistance out of hours, please contact switchboard on 01253 300000 and ask for the executive on call.

Social Media

We monitor our social media platforms; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn, between 8.00am and 5pm Monday to Friday. We always do our best to get back to anyone who contacts us as quickly as we can.

We are unable to answer clinical or medical questions via our social media sites, but we will either advise you where you can get the information you require or try to get an answer for you where possible. Please bear in mind that when it comes to appointments, we will advise you to phone the number on your letter for further advice in the first instance.

If you have positive feedback for us, then we will respond to your comments and in some cases, privately ask if we can share your comments. If you have a complaint, we will ask you to email or phone our patient relations team.

Our social media content is managed by members of the communications team.

Online behaviour

While we realise that everyone has the right to their opinion, in the unlikely event that anyone interacting with our social media platforms behave aggressively or become threatening towards any member of our staff, including the Communications team who monitor the accounts, we will remove any unsuitable content and if necessary, block the account.

Condition checks

Patient condition checks should be referred to the communications team during office hours on the above number.
The full name, address and postcode of the patients must be provided to the communications team in order for a condition check to be carried out.
No information about a patient will be given to any agency without the full consent, which the communications team will seek to acquire from the patient, relative or guardian. No patient information can be disclosed without the full and proper consent.

Filming, photography and radio interview requests

Proposals for filming, taking of photographs or interviewing for radio, either for patients or staff, must be referred to the Communications team during office hours on 01253 956941.
Proposals to film or photograph internal or external parts of any of buildings should also be referred to the communications team during office hours.

Requesting patient information

In the event of a media inquiry regarding a patient, we do have to check the individual or their next of kin is happy for us to talk to the media. This can take time, but legally, we have to confirm the patient is willing to have information about their care shared publicly.

Major incidents

Should a major incident occur, the hospital has a contingency plan that includes arrangements for the media. A press centre will be established at the hospital and you will be given regular updates on the situation and the opportunity for interviews.