Your child’s Speech and Language Therapist may have recommended you access one of our online workshops, depending on your child’s needs.

Word finding difficulties:

Word Finding Workshop Resources:

The following sheets are provided for you to print out and use:

Word Finding Parent Evaluation

You have been signposted to the Speech and Language Therapy Word Finding Difficulties (WFD) online Workshop and resources. This included a presentation on WFD and visual resources which can be found on our website. Due to Covid we were unable to run this workshop as a face to face session and instead we have adapted this to be accessed at a time to suit you.

The speech and language therapy department would like to know what you thought about the word finding online workshop and resources. We would appreciate it if you would take some time to complete this short questionnaire.

    Are you more aware of how to support your child's word finding skills?

    Have you used the strategies in the workshop?

    Were you happy being signposted to the online workshop and resources or would you prefer to attend an online workshop via zoom/teams or other means?

    Would you recommend this provision to other parents?