Chat, Play, Read
We LOVE using the ‘Chat, Play Read’ approach to support families – it’s simple but so effective.

Here are just a few of the ways that Chatting, Playing and Reading together can support the different areas of early speech, language and communication development:

You can support parents by giving simple ideas for things they can chat about, ways they can play, and ideas for sharing stories, based on their children’s interests – take a look at a few of these examples…

"I went shopping with Grandma"

EarlyTalk Training Courses

CHAT about where they went, what else do they do with grandma? What things do you both like to buy? Do you like the same things? I wonder what we could buy next time?

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Let's PLAY shops! Who is going to do what? What things can you find to 'sell' in your shop? Oh no, we've run out of X, what can we do?

Ican communication training courses

Can you find any books at home or in the library to READ about shopping? Why not make up a story together? You could tell it to grandma!

Baby has been enjoying noise making

EarlyTalk Training Courses

Use words that go with the sounds 'bang', 'crash'! If baby makes any sounds themselves, copy it back and have a 'CHAT'.

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Find some things baby can safely bang/make noise with at home. Cardboard boxes, pots and pans! Join in with the fun and enjoy PLAYING and taking turns banging together.

Ican communication training courses

Share a story and use lots of noises as you READ. Animal noises, Brrrm for cars etc. Baby loves listening to sounds!

Use our 'Chat, Play, Read' in your childcare setting

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Useful Links

There are some fantastic websites you could signpost parents to or share on your social media. These are great for giving practical ideas for everyday talking.