Groups and Workshops

We know that children and young people learn best when support is provided in their environment and from the people who know them best.

This means that 1:1 work with your child and a therapist isn’t always the best way of helping them to move forward.

With this in mind, a vital part of our service is to enable those who spend the most time with the children and young people to be able to support their needs and help them to develop.

We offer a range of workshops for parents/carers to help you better understand your child’s difficulties and how you can support them. Your therapist will talk to you about which options will be most appropriate for your child’s needs.

Click on the programmes below to learn more:

Hanen It Takes Two to Talk Programme

    A parent programme for preschool children with language delays. For further information see the ITTT Parent Brochure
Hanen More Than Words programme
Hanen TalkAbility programme

    A parent programme for verbal children with autism or social communication difficulties. To find out more see the TA parent brochure

Some of our workshops are also relevant for those supporting your child at school or nursery and we are happy to invite a member of staff to attend with you where this will be helpful:

Workshops for parents and/or key workers:

Early Language development workshop

    This workshop has been designed for parents of preschool children who may be experiencing a delay in their understanding and expressive language. We outline each area of communication, talk about typical communication development and provide opportunities for you to reflect on your child’s skills. We then discuss a number of strategies and activities to help develop your child’s communication skills across the different areas.

Parent workshop – Auditory processing difficulties

    A workshop for parents of children who find it difficult to coordinate auditory information. Your child may or may not have a diagnosis of Auditory Processing Difficulties, but your therapist will have identified that the strategies and advice will support your child to process auditory information.

    We discuss the environmental modifications, compensatory strategies and auditory training, this workshop is offered to parents and also a relevant member of school staff who may support your child.

Parent Workshops – Social Communication difficulties

    Social Communication Skills workshops for parents whose children may be experiencing difficulties with social situations.

    These workshops aim to:

    • Help parents gain a better understanding about why their child may have difficulties understanding the viewpoints of others and how this can impact their social interaction and conversation skills with peers
    • Provide some strategies to help parents
    • Help familiarise parents with various visual resources and explain how these may support their child

Makaton workshops

    If your child may benefit from using the Makaton programme to support their communication development, we can offer taster sessions as well as a Level 1 workshop.

    These workshops will help you:

    • Understand what Makaton is and how it can help your child
    • Learn the signs and symbols in the Makaton Core vocabulary
    • Understand how to use Makaton signs and symbols with your child