Referral Criteria

The Paediatric Occupational Therapy Service accepts referrals from the following professionals: doctors, allied health professionals, ward sisters, specialist nursing, the children’s community nursing team, health visitors and ‘Single Point of Entry’ referrals or social worker (home assessment only).

Referrals will not be accepted from parents/carers or educational settings.

Referrals are accepted for children and young people up to 18 years of age (19 if in full time special school education). Young people aged 16-18 who are not in full time education would access the service for home needs only.

Children and young people referred to the Paediatric Occupational Therapy Service must either reside in/or be registered at a GP surgery within the Blackpool, Wyre and Fylde areas.

If a child or young person attends a school within the Blackpool Wyre and Fylde area but lives out of the area, they will be seen for school needs only.

School age children are accepted on a Fylde coast children and young people’s community services single point of access referral form, Blenheim House Child Development and Family Support Centre Referral Form, or by letter containing all relevant referral details.

Who can be Referred?

  • Emergency referrals. For example, hospital discharges with urgent need for equipment at home, equipment for terminally ill children at home, equipment for health and safety
  • Children and young people who have physical difficulties, to enable them to reach their maximum functional levels in all aspects of daily life, both at home and in their wider community. Where independence is not possible the service supports carers, parents etc. to provide the safest, most discreet care possible
  • A child or young person with evidence of significant functional impairment which is out of line with their perceived potential
  • Referrals for children with specified fine/gross motor/functional difficulties