Transitioning to Adult Services
From an early age, all children are raised to understand that one day they will become adults within society and take up their role in life.

This should be no different for children who have disabilities; what is different is the support they will require from parent, carers and partner organisations along the way to achieve their full potential in life and adulthood.

Transition to adult services can be a time of great anxiety for young people and their families; teams will focus on what is positive and possible for the young person to achieve desired outcomes.

As a parent/carer or young person, you can start conversations with your health professional from 14 yrs of age onwards as you see them at your annual review, in clinics, home or at school. This will give you all time to discuss what your wishes are in adult life and how health professionals can help you to progress towards this. Your health professional will answer your questions and where needed write a plan with you, so you will know what to expect when and what everyone can do to support your/your child’s journey into adult life.

Information for parents/carers:

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Information for young people:

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Transition Pathways:

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