What Do We Do?

Victoria's Voice - Hospital Youth Forum - logo of hospital building

Victoria’s Voice will be one of many ways that children and young people can help make decisions about Blackpool Victoria Hospital.

We will do this by:

Letting you ask questions, and then giving you the answers
Why do I have to wait to see the Doctor?

Asking your opinions
What do you think of our new unit?

Involving you when we are choosing and training new staff
What questions should we ask?

Helping you to tell people what we do
Did you know that at the hospital there’s a group just for young people…

Using your words to create easy to read information
Information about the hospital, conditions, medicines.


What do you do with our views?

Each group session we will have a list of things to talk about, called an agenda.

The staff will make sure that your opinions are written down and then they will do two things:

Discuss your ideas with staff – so that we can make changes and your views can influence decisions that we make

Share the work of Victoria’s Voice – many people are interested in what you have to say. Our NHS Trust has a Board of Members and Governors, these are people who, like you, want to help make decisions about the hospital and make things the best we can. We will make sure that they hear your views and sometimes they might like to ask your advice.