What We Offer Our Patients

An admission to hospital finds our patients away from the security, familiarity and normality of home life.

This experience affects everyone differently: some enjoy the opportunity to meet new people, others can find it challenging; some appreciate the company a ward provides, others find the busyness of a Ward challenging; some are relieved to have come into hospital, others are concerned about what the future holds.

It is normal to feel anxious and reflective. 

  • Chaplaincy is available every day, 365 days of the year.
  • In emergencies, we visit at night as well.
  • We come to the bedside.
  • We will be led by you so we offer the right amount of support while you are in hospital.
  • We listen to our patients and offer company, opportunities to talk about the things that matter and chances to reflect on the things that concern them.
  • We can provide religious support appropriate to the faith and beliefs of the patient.
  • We can help make contact with religious and community groups.
  • We organise services in the chapel (for further information please see ‘The Chapel and Prayer Rooms’).
  • We are here for the families and friends of our patients, too. If they need to talk, we are here to listen.
  • We offer help with funerals and bereavement support. 

Please note that our chaplains do not cold call, do not impose our beliefs on patients and will keep all conversations in confidence (except when the patient is a danger to him/herself or others).  Urgent referrals made to the team will be seen as soon as possible, usually within an hour.