Chaplaincy Volunteers

Chaplaincy volunteers - large group of volunteers pictured in the hospital grounds, some are seated on a bench.

Our Chaplaincy Volunteers come from a variety of local faith and belief organisations, who after training visit patients with their consent.

Their role is to work with the Chaplains and to listen and respond sensitively to patients’ needs and this may mean supporting someone from a very different background to themselves.

A Chaplaincy Volunteer needs to be:

  • Caring and gentle in their approach
  • Have some understanding of what it’s like to be a patient
  • A committed member of a local faith community
  • A good listener
  • Someone who can share laughter and tears
  • If requested, happily pray with people
  • Do not overstay their welcome!

If you possess all the qualities above and want to find out more about our volunteering programme, please click here.