Chapel and Prayer Rooms

For those wanting to spend time in quiet or in prayer, the hospital has a chapel and two prayer rooms.

The chapel and one of the prayer rooms can be found on the ground floor, just off the main corridor in Area 3. The chapel seats approximately 25 people and hosts regular and bespoke services (please see below  for more information).

The main feature of the chapel is its two rainbow windows behind the communion table.  The story of Noah’s Ark and the rainbow is a story common to three of the world’s main religions.  The image is a powerful reminder that good can come from difficult places and that there is hope beyond pain and suffering.

There is also a prayer board in the chapel where visitors may leave prayer requests for the chaplaincy team. Copies of the New Testament are also available for those who need them.  The chapel is next to the chaplaincy offices which has a post box on the wall for messages to the chaplains.

The Chapel

The chapel

The smaller of the hospital’s two prayer rooms is opposite the chapel. Unfortunately, at the moment, there are no washing facilities immediately adjacent to the prayer room.  There is a shoe rack outside the prayer room.  Prayer mats are available to users of the prayer room and, when the prayer room is in use by a member of the opposite sex, the chapel can also be used as a place for prayer.

The second, and slightly larger prayer room, can be found on the ground floor of Area 12, the Lancashire Cardiac Centre, close to the staff training rooms. This prayer room has washing facilities built in as well as a limited supply of religious books.

Service Times

Mass (Catholic) at 4pm

Morning Prayer at 9:30am


Christian Worship at 4pm

(This may sometimes include Holy Communion for Church of England and Free Church Christians.)  

Jumma Prayers (Muslim) More information to follow.
A chaplain is available to visit the ward if you request communion or prayer.


Chapel garden

Chapel garden

The chapel is also used for services marking significant religious festivals such as Christmas and Easter.  It is also available for bespoke services such as blessings; remembrance services for loved ones, friends and colleagues; and prayer times to mark significant dates and anniversaries.

When the chapel isn’t being used for a service, visitors are always welcome to enjoy its peace and quiet.