Bereavement Support

Losing a loved one is a difficult time. Our Chaplaincy team can help you to work through some of the painful emotions and difficulties following the death of a loved one in a confidential and supportive environment. Please contact the team on 01253 956299 / 953876 if you would like to speak with them following your loss, or notify a member of our staff so they can arrange a pastoral visit.

If you need to speak to the Chaplaincy team urgently, please contact the Switchboard on 01253 300000, and ask them to bleep the appropriate Chaplain (please remember to specify if a Catholic priest is required).

Our Chaplaincy team also conduct a local bereavement survey which asks about the quality of care provided for your loved one, so we can address any issues raised from the feedback and look at improving the overall service. There is no obligation to complete the survey if you receive one, or include personal details in your response, it is sent out so that we can address any urgent concerns which you may not have raised previously or refer you to the Trust’s Bereavement and Carer Group if you request additional support.