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Picture of the hospital's chapel room, showing the two stained-glass windows, lecturn and floral display

The Chapel

The experience of being in hospital can cause many different emotions in patients, their relatives, carers and friends. Our Chaplaincy team, which includes Chaplains and Volunteers, offers confidential support to our service users, as well as the staff who work in our hospitals.

Whatever the circumstances, the team will offer a listening ear and give guidance in a variety of ways to those of any faith or belief.

This can include:

  • Helping you try and makes sense of the feelings and thoughts that you might be having as a result of your stay in hospital
  • Talking through any issues concerned with faith, fear and doubt
  • Praying daily for those associated with the Trust, staff patients and visitors
  • Providing resources to help you meet your religious needs while in hospital
  • Being a point of contact with faith communities and to help staff understand the specific needs that you might have because of your spirituality or faith
  • Supporting staff in their work and personal wellbeing
  • Providing a 24 hour on-call service for emergencies
  • Bringing Holy Communion to patients who request it
  • Anointing and Laying on of Hands at times of acute illness
  • Bereavement Support and advice
  • Providing opportunities for worship and prayer.