Certificate of Eligibility for Specialist Registration, is the route to specialist registration for doctors who have not completed a GMC-approved programme. Before submitting your application for entry, you will need to prepare evidence to support your application.

On this page you'll find further FAQs to help you learn more about the application process.

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How do I organise my evidence?

    Your application can be dealt with faster if you only send evidence that’s directly relevant. It is recommend that you submit all of your evidence electronically, other than evidence which requires authentication. You shouldn’t need to upload more than 150 uploaded documents across your whole application (around 1000 pages of evidence).

    Learn more about organising evidence.

How do I verify my evidence?

    The majority of your evidence will need to be verified. This applies to all documents that relate to your training and experience. Training and experience evidence must be verified by someone in a medical supervisory, such as a consultant.

    Learn more about verifying your evidence here.

How do I anonymise my evidence?

    Before submitting your application, you must check every page of your evidence for patient or sensitive data. This data must be redacted before you submit it as part of your application. This is to meet your responsibility to patient confidentiality standards in Good medical practice.

    Learn more about anonymising your evidence here.

How do I translate my evidence?

    You must submit a complete and accurate translation of every document that isn’t in English, along with the document in its original language. Translations are only only accepted from court or council appointed translators, or from reputable commercial translation services.

    Learn more about translating your evidence here.