Certificate of Eligibility for Specialist Registration (CESR)


The CESR, or Certificate of Eligibility for Specialist Registration, is the route to specialist registration for doctors who have not completed a GMC-approved programme but who are able to demonstrate that their specialist training, qualifications and experience are equivalent to the requirements for the award of the CCT in the UK. CESR holders can apply for substantive consultant posts in the UK.

Who’s eligible to apply for a CESR?

To be eligible to apply for a CESR, you must have either undertaken specialist training for a minimum period which varies according to speciality you are applying for.

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Is a CESR equivalent to a CCT?

    The CESR is equivalent to the CCT and certifies that the recipient is eligible to apply for Consultant posts in the UK. Applicants for a CESR are assessed against the standards required for the award of the CCT.
How do I apply for a CESR?

    You will need to apply to the GMC, who will then send your application to the royal colleges for evaluation. Making an application to the GMC can be an extremely lengthy and potentially stressful process and it is very important that you read the GMC’s general guidance and specialty-specific guidance before starting to put together an application.

    You’ll need to provide a portfolio of evidence demonstrating that your specialist training and/or specialist qualifications are equivalent to the award of a CCT in O&G in the UK.

    Full details of the application process are available on the GMC website.

What do I need to apply?

    You will need:
    • Clinical evidence
    • Workplace based assessments and surgical procedure, from the required timeframe are required
    • Appraisals: Sequential annual appraisal along with personal development plans must be provided from the last 5 years
    • Communication: Evidence of two-way communication
    • Courses: Completion of all courses listed must be evidenced from the last five years
    • Reflective practice: Reflecting on the event and what difference this will make to patient safety and quality
    • Multidisciplinary Team meetings (MDT)

    This applies to most royal colleges (please refer to speciality specific requirements).

Who should I ask to be my referees?

    You need to provide the details of 6 people who have agreed to act as your referees, who can attest that you possess the full range, depth and breadth of competencies in the curriculum document. One of your referees must be your current Clinical or Medical Director.
How long does the process take once I have submitted my application?

    The GMC first needs to ensure all application documentation has been received, including structured reports from referees, before sending the completed application to royal colleagues. this can involve some back and forth with the applicant until the GMC are happy that all required evidence has been submitted. This part of the process can be lengthy, as the GMC may need to ask you for further information.

    When they are satisfied with their preliminary assessments it will then be passed onto the College for evaluation. To help the process advance as quickly as possible, please read all the GMC guidance carefully before submitting your application to ensure you provide all the documentation required, and respond promptly to requests for further information from the GMC.

    The College has exactly seven weeks to submit their evaluation. Combined with the time the GMC will then need to reach their final decision, applicants should expect that it will take approximately two to three months before and they are informed of the outcome of the assessment.

If my application is unsuccessful, what are my options?

    You would be able to submit a review application within twelve months of receiving the decision letter regarding the outcome of your application. This would involve submitting the evidence that you did not submit in the first application. Alternatively, under specific circumstances, you may be able to appeal against the decision.

    More information about eligibility is available from the GMC website.