Your Treatment Pathway

picture of a patient being pushed along in a bed

All patients should wait a maximum of 62 days from their urgent GP referral to the start of their treatment. This 62 day standard also includes all patients referred from NHS cancer screening programmes (breast, cervical and bowel) and all patients whose consultants suspect they may have cancer.

The Department of Health set several national targets – maximum 62 days from:

  • Urgent GP referral for suspected cancer to first treatment – 85%
  • Urgent referral from NHS Cancer Screening Programmes for suspected cancer to first treatment – 90%

The Trust has agreed a local target of 90% with Clinical Commissioning Groups for:

  • Time to treatment from Consultant upgrade of urgency of a referral to first treatment

To ensure you receive appropriate and timely care we ask that you attend all appointments in the pathway. If you miss an appointment or rearrange appointments it will likely increase the waiting time for treatment.