Two-Week Wait

If a GP or dental practitioner (DP) suspects you may have cancer, there is a ‘fast-
track’ route through which they are able to refer you directly to the hospital within a two-week time frame.

Early diagnosis of a disease may mean more effective treatment and better outcomes. This is because many serious illnesses are more likely to be cured if they are treated early.

Over recent years, approximately 970 of 7500 patients referred to Blackpool Victoria Hospital were diagnosed and treated for a new primary cancer. The great majority of people referred this way do not have cancer, but it is important to see a Specialist as soon as possible to confirm or exclude a cancer diagnosis.

For further information on the two week wait service please read the leaflet below or visit our FAQ section.

Two week wait leaflet


  • Why am I being referred to the hospital urgently?
    To rule out the possibility of cancer.
  • Who arranges my appointment?
    The hospital will contact you to arrange a mutually agreed time and date within 14 days of the receipt of referral from the GP.
  • What if this appointment is inconvenient for me?
    The appointment may be rearranged to a more appropriate time and date, however, the hospital will emphasise the fact that the referral has been deemed GP fast track and thus it is extremely important for specialist outpatient appointments and possible diagnostic tests to be arranged as soon as possible to rule out the possibility of cancer.
  • What happens after my first appointment?
    It is likely you will be given further information about further tests and what they entail.
  • What if I haven’t got cancer?
    You will be referred back to your GP or given a follow-up, routine appointment.
  • Will I be involved in deciding what treatment I have?
    Depending upon the outcome of your tests, the treatment options will be discussed in detail with you possibly in the presence of a specialist cancer nurse. This is likely to involve the pros and cons of which each treatment you may be suitable for. It may also involve referral to a further specialist, possibly an oncologist or surgeon.
  • How quickly will I be treated?
    Once a treatment plan has been agreed with you, dependant on what this is, treatment is likely to start in a matter of weeks.