What do we do?
We provide specialist care, advice and support to children and their families across the area.

Click on the headings below for more information on the services we offer:

Episodes of Care

    We provide specialist care, advice and support to pre-school children and their families who are under the care of a consultant Paediatrician at Blenheim and require more specialist input.

    We work directly with the children and families, and this includes individual and group support that is time sensitive. We offer five evidence-based Episodes of Care which include:

    1. Developmental Assessments
    2. Family Support
    3. Sleep
    4. Behaviour
    5. Toileting

Episodes of Support

    We provide specialist support and advice to the extended multi-disciplinary team.

    This includes health, education, social care and the voluntary sector, offering a consultative/advisory role to support professionals who are working with children who have complex health and developmental needs.

Episodes of Development

    We contribute our specialist knowledge and skills to steering groups, working parties and local charities.

    We aim to lead and participate in research, audit and service evaluation.  We also provide training to support and enhance the knowledge base for students, junior members of staff and the wider team.

Enhanced Neonatal Developmental Pathway

    Some children who are born prematurely may be referred to the Child Development Centre for further developmental assessments.

    We provide enhanced developmental surveillance for babies born under 30 weeks or born under 36 weeks with additional risk factors as per NICE guidance. This is a nurse led pathway and we feed back to the consultant at the hospital.