About Us
The Blenheim Team consists of consultant paediatricians specialising in child development, specialist nursing team, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, specialist speech and language therapists who are all supported by an administration team.

They work with families and other professionals involved to assess and support a child to reach their developmental potential. Assessments take place during normal working hours in a range of venues, including the child’s home, nursery and clinic setting. A child may be referred to other services such as feeding clinic, ophthalmology, children’s hearing services and the continence team as well as educational services as appropriate.

When a developmental delay is identified a referral will be submitted, with your consent to the Child Development Centre. This may be to one or more of the services available. You will continue to receive support from your health visitor.

There may be a wait for your first appointment but please be assured you will continue to receive support from the professionals known to you and your child including your family health visiting team.