Family Support
We offer tailored support to you and your family on your journey here at the Child Development Centre.

The level of specialist family support you will need will be dependent on each individual child’s needs and will vary at different stages of your journey at Blenheim. Where applicable we support with different news that may be given and offer specialist programmes of care for some of the children.

These include:

    Not all children will be toilet trained by the time they go to school.

    You can offer them the best opportunities by going at their pace and by building up the skills around toileting. This will include getting them used to being in the bathroom for nappy changes, learning the routine around wiping, flushing and washing hands and by practicing sitting on the toilet. Once these skills have been achieved it can be easier to make progress.

    The Eric website has additional information that you may find helpful.


    Sleep difficulties are one of the most common concerns we discuss with parents.

    Prior to attending your appointment there are a few basic steps you can take to assist with a restful night’s sleep. These include:

    1. Ensuring a good bedtime routine is in place
    2. Having set sleep and wake times
    3. Ensuring the bedroom is free from distractions and safe for your child
    4. Stopping any screen time at least an hour before bed and limiting daytime naps

    The Sleep Charity has a wealth of good information which may also help.

    You may require more specialist input so we may ask you to complete some sleep diaries.

    Prior to your initial appointment, further sleep support can be requested from your health visiting team who can access any additional specialist advice from our team.


    Some children can show quite challenging behaviours, and these can be very difficult for parents.

    Consistency is key but also having an awareness of your childs level of understanding is vital. You may be asked to complete some behaviour diaries so that we can assess what the issues are.

    We know this can be daunting but we want to reassure you we appreciate how challenging some behaviours can be and the impact this can have on family life. By giving us as much information as possible, we can then work together to look at how we can best support you. We know the wait for your first appointment to see us can be lengthy and you do have your family health visiting team who can seek specialist advice from us to support you where appropriate.

    You can also seek extra support from:

    Blackpool area - 'Managing Challenging Behaviour' course. The course is delivered over 2 days - 9.30am-2.30pm, or 4 evenings - 6pm-8pm

    Blackpool Carers, Beaverbrooks House, 147 Newton Drive, Blackpool FY3 8LZ.

    The Managing Challenging Behaviour course is open to all parents living in Blackpool who have a child with challenging behaviour.

    For further information or to book a place on the course, please contact Alison Brown on 01253 393748

    Fylde and Wyre area - 'Triple P' and 'Triple P Stepping Stones' for children with additional needs.

    To find the nearest Child and Family Wellbeing Service which offers this please visit the Lancashire County Council website.