Parents and Families

Baby Steps is Facilitated by a team of Family Engagement Workers and Health Visitors.

Your Family Engagement Worker is your first point of contact for Baby Steps and will support you throughout the programme.

Baby Steps is a perinatal educational programme designed to support expectant parents to manage the emotional and physical transition into parenthood. Expectant mums, partners and carers living in a Blackpool postcode area are offered to join the Baby Steps programme.

Baby Steps is facilitated by Family Engagement Workers and Health Visitors and the programme begins around the 28th week of pregnancy with a home visit so that we can get to know you and introduce you to the programme.

Baby Steps provides the opportunity for participants to meet other parents-to-be, as well as professionals who can answer questions about your baby’s development, your pregnancy, caring for your baby and infant feeding.

There are six weekly sessions before baby is born and three sessions once baby has arrived. We are currently offering both face to face sessions and Online sessions at a variety of different times during the day.