Our Role in the Hospital


image describing the role of the service.

What this means for patients:

  • Patients admitted for treatment at hospital can expect to be asked some questions about their alcohol intake by doctors, nurses and other healthcare staff
  • Healthcare staff will use the answers from these questions to identify patients whose alcohol use may be putting their health at risk
  • Where at risk patients are identified healthcare staff will refer to the alcohol liaison service with the patients’ permission
  • The alcohol liaison nurse service provides an unbiased non judgemental service to all patients and can provide specialist support, advice and referral to community services where detox and rehabilitation programs may be available
  • Patients who are aware they have alcohol issues should ask for a referral to the alcohol liaison service when they are admitted to hospital to ensure they receive the help and support they need
  • Patients can contact the service directly to let the alcohol liaison nurse know they will be coming into hospital