Wartime Fleetwood nurse started family NHS tradition

Zena’s grandmother, Babara Bradshaw, is far right, middle row with glasses

These were some of the first nurses to serve in the NHS, according to Zena Bradshaw who is a Cardiology Research Nurse at Blackpool Teaching Hospitals. 

She knows that because this lovely post-war photograph taken at Fleetwood Hospital is where Zena’s grandmother, Babara Bradshaw, worked. She’s far right on the middle row in glasses. 

Babara started her training as a nurse towards the end of the second world war. 

“Originally, she had to ask permission from her father to work,” said Zena. 

“He was very old fashioned and said that nursing was the only job that was appropriate for a woman.  Luckily, she loved the job and continued it after the war days.  

Zena added: “I know that her and my grandfather were courting while she was working at the hospital and he got shooed away more than once by ‘a very cross sister’.” 

Babara passed away in 1997, aged 70, but two of her children had already gone on to become nurses. Zena’s mum also became a mental health nurse at Moor Hospital, Lancaster. 

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