Let’s party … keeping entertained from wartime to the Swinging Sixties

Say what you like but healthcare staff have always known how to party – as these archive photographs both before and after the founding of the NHS 75 years ago in July 1948 show …

… Hitler’s domination of Europe was almost complete when this photograph was taken at a Victoria hospital staff dance in 1940 – with the direction to the air raid shelter clearly posted. Only Churchill’s Britain stood in the dictator’s way but this happy bunch are casting off their concerns for one night at least …

… there was a circus theme for the Christmas concert at the Vic in 1952 – Queen Elizabeth II had succeeded to the throne 10 months earlier …

… now, it’s 1967 and the hospital staff dance isn’t complete without a smoke between throwing some shapes…

… 1968 and the hippies have got flowers in their hair, the Sixties are swinging, and these ladies strike a pose for the photographer at a Vic dance …

… around the same time but possibly a different event, this photograph is captioned “staff dance Glenroyd, Blackpool Victoria Hospital and Moss Side at the Winter Gardens”.

Now share your NHS75 story 

We’re counting down the 75 days to the 75th anniversary of the founding of the NHS on 5 July – and Trust colleagues, patients and the local community can all take part.  

We also want to hear what you love about the NHS as well as your stories and memories – and thank you to everyone who has been in touch so far.  

  • How has the NHS changed you or your family’s life for the better?  
  • Do you have pictures of times past at our hospitals and sites you’d like to share?  
  • Did you have family or friends who were with the NHS at its start in 1948?  
  • What inspired you to work in the NHS?  
  • Tell us if you are just one of many generations to work in the NHS  

Share your ideas and memories by visiting the My Story section on our NHS75 web pages.  

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