National Pathology Week: Rebecca Large – Trainee Biomedical Scientist in Cellular Pathology

National Pathology Week is our annual celebration of pathology when we highlight the important contribution pathologists make to healthcare. Throughout this week we have been showcasing some of the individuals who make up our pathology teams at Blackpool Teaching Hospitals.

Rebecca Large – trainee biomedical scientist in cellular pathology

What does your role involve?
I came in having a biomedical science degree and but to be HCPC registered you need to do a portfolio.

I have done my portfolio and have finished it. So I’m going through my verification to become an official biomedical scientist in cellular pathology. That is dealing with all the specimens that come through, labelling, cutting, staining, any special stains that need doing – that’s my role in this department.

Why was pathology the career path that you went on?
All my life I’ve been interested in helping to diagnose, obviously family members have had cancer and stuff, so I thought, well, this is what I want to do. I want to help the NHS diagnose and find out, pick out people that have maybe had hidden cancers.

Are you local to Blackpool?
I live five minutes down the road

So this is a perfect opportunity to make a real difference NHS on your doorstep.
Yes, it is an amazing opportunity, and I was so thankful when I got the job. Blackpool Teaching Hospitals have done an amazing job through everything that my family has been through.

What are your thoughts  about the move to the new histopathology facility?
Absolutely amazing. I really think it’ll have an amazing effect on our work. The flow in here is so much better than in the other lab. It is so open, everyone knows where everything is, and there’s a definite flow from start to finish. I think it will have an amazing effect on us.

Are your colleagues looking forward to the new lab?
One hundred per cent. Everyone is saying  ‘We need to get in now, it’s so good. Look at it, it’s amazing. all clean, white sides.’ We’re looking forward to moving in properly.

And you were officially the first member of staff to work in the new lab.
I was so excited. When they said to me ‘Rebecca, you’ll be in there on your own next week with a couple people coming in and out. Are you alright with that?’ I said ‘Of course I am, I’m very excited to get in, get in here and just start building it in here again.’

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