National Healthcare Estates and Facilities Day: Kevin Pritty, Car Parking Officer

To mark the very first National Healthcare Estates and Facilities Day, we are showcasing some of the many different roles in estates and facilities around our Trust.

Kevin Pritty – Car Parking Officer

How long have you worked in the NHS?
Seven years.

What is your role in the NHS?
To manage and maintain the car parking services.

What does your role involve doing?
Helping patients/visitors in obtaining a car parking space. Helping patients /visitors to use the pay machines. Maintenance of car park equipment. Providing advice/assistance and support for staff in accordance with the Trust’s car parking policy.

What is the best thing about working in the NHS Facilities Division?
Working in the car parking team is like working as a family which I very much enjoy. This also extends to some other areas of the Trust I deal with, and come into contact with, regularly in my daily work environment, such as Hospital Safety, Estates, Transport and Linen Services and areas near to the car parks such as ED, Outpatients and the Cardiac Centres

What is the most challenging thing about working in the NHS Facilities Division?
It is very frustrating trying to provide assistance to all users of the car parks when it is full and not being able to help.

As car parking is a difficult subject and our role is to manage the car parks it is also difficult to explain to staff that they are not permitted to park on site if they do not have a permit.

How do you improve/enrich/enhance a patient’s journey?
By helping find a car park space, giving directions and assisting patients/visitors to find their cars when they do not remember where they have parked, providing concessionary permits, and also helping/advising when vehicles break down.

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