Message of Condolence

Remembering our dear colleague and friend

Steve Farley

The Chapel is open throughout the day for individuals to gather to pay their respects,

 to offer private prayer and to hold Steve, his family and friends in thought and care.

A Book of Memories will also be available daily in the Chapel, for people to write their stories and memories of Steve, a special book to honour a dear friend.

Words of Remembrance

For our friend Steve, may his memory live long among us and be a source of strength for us. Amidst the loss we feel, keep us also in touch with the good memories that can heal and the friendship that can sustain us. As his friends, we cherish our memories of Steve, and our work alongside him as a colleague. We give thanks for all he did to support the life of our Hospital and the NHS.

We pray for those who mourn, especially for Steve’s family, console them in their grief, sadness, and loss. Help us as colleagues and friends to reach out to them with love, compassion, and care.

Holding Steve in our hearts, let us be assured that even in this time of loss, life remains precious and good.  Let us honour the life of Steve by loving and living more nobly in the days ahead.  As we return to the tasks and routines of our lives within the many departments and wards within our hospital, let us go in love, abiding in peace and with goodwill for all entrusted to our care.

Words of Reflection

We take time to acknowledge the different memories that

we bring and to cherish the friendships that have been formed.

We hold Steve in our thoughts.

 As we treasure his memory, we are grateful that we were part of his life,

he was a part of ours, and that together we shared the gift of life.

Please leave your message of condolence for Steve’s family using the form below: