Current Consultations

There are currently no consultations taking place.

Past Consultations

Consultation 10 – Improving the Patient Experience

Part of the quality of the patient experience involves accessibility and flexibility of services not only to the patient, but also to patient’s families and carers. We are seeking your views on visiting times and patients internet access whilst in hospital.

Consultation 10 – Consultation Form

Consultation 9 – The Blackpool Patient

We are seeking your views about the Trust extending one of its most successful campaigns to date to include its patients. The Blackpool Patient, which is an extension of The Blackpool Way, hopes to meet the emotional care needs of patients. A set of words developed with staff from across the Trust will be used as a tool to measure patient experience.

Consultation 9 – Feedback

Special Consultation – Nurse-Led Therapy Unit

We are seeking your views about the Trust’s proposals for the Nurse-Led Therapy Unit (Bispham) to become a social enterprise.


Special Consultation – Nurse Led Therapy Unit – Consultation Form

Special Consultation – Nurse Led Therapy Unit – Feedback

Consultation 8 – Improving the Patient Experience

In line with the NHS Constitution, the Trust is continually seeking ways in which it can improve the patient experience and involve patients and their families in the care they receive. The quality of the patient experience at the heart of the work the Trust does. Currently, a project is on going toward developing patient experience and patient improvement working groups to listen to patients, their families and carers in order to build upon how the Trust can address any improvements that can be made to maximise the patient experience.

Consultation 7 – Hospitals Trust Website

WE are keen to receive feedback from our Members about the information we provide to the public on our Trust’s website – We would welcome views about how we can make our site more user-friendly and ensure the information we provide is useful and informative.

Consultation 6 – Patient Advice and Liaison Service

THIS consultation is aimed at ensuring you are getting the most from your Patient Advice and Liaison Service (PALS) which is here to help when you need advice, have concerns or don’t know where to turn.

Consultation 5 – Your Governors

This quarter’s consultation is aimed at ensuring you are getting the most from your Governors, and to help our Governors better understand your needs.

Consultation 4 – Confidence in Caring

Feedback is being collated and will be available here in September 2009.

Consultation 3 – Membership

Thank you to members who provided their views on Membership as requested in the December 2008 newsletter.

We will strive to provide our members with the seminars, activities, information and involvement that you asked for at a time that is best for you.

The seminar topics of interest range from liver disease to irritable bowel syndrome and we’re pleased to inform you that seminars have been arranged on these and other subjects.

Our Members’ preferred time for attending seminars is between 1:00pm and 5:00pm, the least preferred being after 5:00pm. We will do our best to accommodate these times for you.

You wish to be kept informed of the Trusts’ finances and recent developments. Much of this is readily available in our Annual Report you may request a print copy by contacting the Membership and Communications Office on 01253 956673.

Many of our Members liked the idea of open forums and hospital and department tours. We are making arrangements for these and they will be announced in due course.