Local lady thanks Cardiac Centre with cheque for Blue Skies’ Fund

Dr David Roberts, Mr Bose, Dr Wiper, Vera Ashton, Caroline Darwen, Sister Kate Lee ANP Ward 37 and TAVI, Collette Remmett, TAVI Coordinator, Nicci Hayes

BLACKPOOL nonagenarian Vera Ashton, has thanked the Lancashire Cardiac Centre for the wonderful care she received.

And to show her gratitude, the 92-year-old, gave a generous donation to the Trust charity, Blue Skies Hospitals Fund for the Hearts of Gold Fund that supports cardiac patients.

Now Vera is looking forward to a Mediterranean cruise with her daughter and has resumed her hobby of playing Bridge.

Earlier this year, Vera underwent a Trans-Catheter Aortic Valve Implant (TAVI) which has made a huge difference to heart valve disease patients, offering an important alternative treatment option for those unable to undergo open-heart surgery.TAVI is a less invasive procedure allowing a much quicker recovery time.

In 1996, Vera suffered a heart attack but still managed to lead a very active life.

Last year, she started to become very short of breath and struggled to manage everyday tasks. The symptoms were due to a leaky heart valve and so the TAVI procedure was planned.

Mr Amal Bose, cardiothoracic surgeon, said: “Mrs Ashton has make remarkable progress and has come on leaps and bounds.”

Cardiologist, Dr Andrew Wiper, said: “It’s absolutely fabulous that Vera is back to her normal quality of life.

“She told me that she even won at Bridge last week.”

With an aging population the incidents of valvular heart disease is most prevalent.

Doctors at the Cardiac Centre have carried out 350 TAVI procedures since its introduction nine years ago with numbers increasing year on year.

Vera said: “I was treated so well by Dr Wiper and his team – the care was fantastic. Everyone here has been really good to me and really encouraging.

Caroline Darwen, Vera’s daughter, said: “The care for mum was amazing.

“Everybody, and I mean everybody, was so supportive.”

Fundraising Assistant, Nicci Hayes, said: “It’s great to see Vera doing so well after her surgery and wonderful that she has made such a generous donation which will help other patients who come in to the Lancashire Cardiac Centre, we are truly grateful.”

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