Liverpool Medical Students welcomed to Trust

THE Trust has welcomed new undergraduate medical students from Liverpool University.

The students, a mixture of fourth and fifth year scholars, recently had their induction to the trust

The students will be at Blackpool on placements across the hospital, developing their clinical skills with patients and working under their clinical supervisors.

The Trust is welcoming back 13 students from their 4th year returning to study for their 5th year.

Year 5 Medical Students

The induction for the 5th year students included a cake sale in the afternoon, followed by a BBQ and quiz at the Village Hotel where they were joined by the 4th years. The BBQ is organised to welcome all the students to the Trust, and the Staff from the Medical Education team also attended.

Hayley Turner, Year 5 coordinator said: “It was lovely to see our 4th year students come back to study at Blackpool to join us for their 5th year. We are extremely proud to say that 13 out of 14 of our 5th year students have decided to return to Blackpool as they felt their experience was so good here the previous year.

Year 4 Medical Students

“We are here to support all our students through their final year as a student, and we hope their experience will be as enjoyable as their 4th year!”

Roxanne Sheward, Year 4 coordinator said:” “We feel that the induction this year was a success, and the bake sale went down a treat! The BBQ was also fantastic, a great way for the 4th years, 5th years and foundation doctors to meet properly.

“We want all of our students to know that supporting them is our main priority and our door is always open – we are here to give them the best possible experience at Blackpool!”

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