Kerrie is ‘Right By You’ with new role

After 14 years at the Trust, including the last six years working to support people affected by cancer, Kerrie Bailey is continuing that journey in a new role supporting teams and individuals within the hospital as Macmillan Right By You Project Manager.

The new role, which Kerrie has been in now for the last four months, will see her ensuring that the fundamentals of personalised cancer care are met in all areas of the hospital and communities.

“Working as the Right By You Project Manager, my main focus is around implementing personalised care which means people have choice and control over the way their care is planned and delivered,” Kerrie said.

“It’s based on what matters to a patient and their individual needs. Personalised care is fundamental to delivering better quality integrated care that is meaningful to an individual, supporting improvements in health and wellbeing.

“The NHS Long-Term Plan states that every person diagnosed with cancer will have access to personalised care, including a needs assessment, a care plan, health and wellbeing information and support and I am here to support teams with the implementation of these core components.”

Kerrie will be supporting teams right across the Trust, and is confident that her many years implementing the principles of personalised care in her previous roles with Macmillan will enable her to continue positive relationships with those who need it.

“I’m really lucky because I’ve worked here so long, and I’ve been with the Macmillan team for six years, I’ve got those good working relationships. When you’re trying to implement a project then you want people to be on board and that’s really helpful.”

Teams or individuals aiming to discuss personalised care within their own area, can contact Kerrie via email on

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