Jeanette’s CPR saves neighbour Eric’s life

A visit to see friends led to a BTH colleague switching into First Responder mode and saving their neighbour’s life.

Jeanette Yates, a CPD Project Support Officer at BTH, is a Community First Responder for North West Ambulance Service (NWAS) in a voluntary capacity. She is also an Ambulance Care Assistant for NWAS Patient Transport Service (PTS).

Late last year Jeanette and her husband were visiting friends in Congleton when a neighbour, Betty, knocked at the door asking for help. Her 82-year old husband Eric had been taken ill.

When they arrived they found Eric’s condition was deteriorating quickly and he soon went into cardiac arrest. By chance Jeanette had her defibrillator in the car and having called an ambulance, immediately started CPR. The defibrillator was able to re-start Eric’s heart and after paramedic care and being admitted to hospital, he made a full recovery. He has now been fitted with a permanent defibrillator and is feeling fit and well.

Looking back on the visit Jeanette said she now has a bond for life with Eric, and added: “It was pure luck that I had the defibrillator with me that evening. Being a First Responder, I’ve given CPR before but this was the first time I’ve used the defibrillator. I’m absolutely delighted that I was able to help Eric and we’ve kept in touch.”


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