Invitation to learn about Mental Health and Social Inclusion and Patient Activation Measures at free health seminars

Members of the public are invited to attend two free presentations at Blackpool Victoria Hospital later this month.

The presentations, covering the topics of Mental Health and Social Inclusion and Patient Activation Measures, are the latest health seminars for members of Blackpool Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

Dr Hilary Edington, Clinical Psychologist, and Emma Pearson, Senior Mental Health Practitioner, will host a seminar entitled “Why Social Inclusion Matters to Our Mental Health” on Wednesday,  September  13, 2017 at 2.30pm in the Education Centre Lecture Theatre, Education Centre, Blackpool Victoria Hospital.

This will be followed by Samuel Winter, Information Governance Officer, hosting a seminar entitled Patient Activation Measures, at 3.15pm in the same venue.

Mental health problems are extremely common with one in four of us experiencing common mental health problems including anxiety and depression in any one year.

Mental ill health is also the single largest cause of disability in the UK, with greater costs in terms of costs of services, lost productivity at work and reduced quality of life than those for cancer or cardiovascular disease.

It has been shown that social inclusion is important to the recovery process.

Social inclusion refers to a person being able to participate in key activities of the community in which they live, which helps them to experience a sense of well-being, self-worth and belonging. Key activities include social and cultural activities, employment, voluntary work, training, recreational activities, fitness and well-being activities, physical health care and accessing mainstream services.

Dr Edington said: “There is a growing body of evidence that shows that social inclusion is important for the maintenance of good mental health and for recovery from mental health problems.

“There are also benefits for all of us to think about how we can contribute to making our communities more socially inclusive as well as enhancing our own experiences of social inclusion. This seminar will look at the role mental health professionals play in enhancing social inclusion for people with mental health problems through helping them to identify and overcome their own personal barriers to social inclusion, and in finding opportunities for people to be involved in key social roles.’’

The second seminar will give an insight into Patient Activation Measures.

One of the ways in which we can better support our local population is by gaining a greater understanding of their levels of ‘activation’.

‘Patient activation’ describes the knowledge, skills and confidence a person has in managing their own health and care. Evidence shows that when people are supported to become more activated, they benefit from better health outcomes, improved experiences of care and fewer unplanned care admissions.

“The seminar will explore the background behind the concept of patient activation, how the information gained can be used to help influence behaviour change and how Blackpool Teaching Hospitals is using it in practice.

“I am looking forward to sharing with the attendees the great work that is going on across the Fylde Coast to deliver personalised care to our local population, and how our teams are helping to raise the importance of self-management.’’

To book a place on the seminars please contact Jacinta Gaynor, Membership & Governors Officer, on 01253 956673.

We ask that you sign up to become member of the Trust to attend.  Membership can be arranged over the phone. Membership doesn’t cost anything, and there are numerous benefits for the Trust and the local community alike, which can be seen on the Trust’s website: Your application can be received via the website, by post or by telephone.

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