Inspirational Trust Mentors Honoured

A HOST of inspirational Trust mentors were honoured at a special recognition event.

For the first time students from across the Trust were asked to nominate mentors and teams who had inspired them while on placements for awards sponsored by the RCN Lancashire West Branch.

The event was organised by the Practice Education Facilitator Team.

Bev Sanderson from the team  said: “We wanted to recognise the contribution made by our mentors who support our future workforce superbly and this seemed a great way to do that. “Our mentors really do go above and beyond to help our students and newly qualified staff and they deserve a great deal of praise for everything they do.’’

Deputy Director of Nursing and Quality, Simone Anderson, praised the mentors, saying: “For me learning in practice is the core of what we do.

“We pick up knowledge in book and classrooms but it is in real clinical practice that we get the learning that makes a real difference and you have all played a vital part in that and I want to thank you for putting yourself forward and showing real leadership to create and develop our workforce of the future.’’

There were awards for the top mentors and the best placements.

The winners and runners up for mentor of the year were chosen from all student nominations by a panel which consisted of a student representative, a Practice Education Facilitator representative and a Associate Director of Nursing.

The Placement winners and runners up were selected using feedback from the students Via the Northwest Placement Evaluation Tool (Online PARE).

The awards were split into four divisions.

The winners were:

 Adults and Long Term Conditions (ALTC)

Mentor of the year: Martin Wilcock.
Placement of the year: Coastal District Nursing Team

Scheduled Care

Mentor of the year: Pia Ashton – Day Surgery Unit

Placement of the year: Ward 34.

Unscheduled Care

Mentor of the year: Marek Grabinowski – A+E

Placement of the year: Ward 12.

Children and Families

Mentor of the year: Victoria Wiener – Health Visitor,  Heysham PCC

Placement of the year: CAHMs – Whitegate Drive

Other mentors honoured were:


Mentor of the year Runners-up:- Kim Page, Natalie Thompson –

Runners up – Placement of the Year: Ward 1 – Clifton Hospital, Community Matrons – Whitegate drive

Scheduled Care

Mentor of the year Nominations: Ann Wilson – CITU; Zena Craven – Lancashire Suite; Charlotte Palmer – Ophthalmic Day Case Unit;  Emma Evans Davies – SAU; Sheila Rooney – Ward 14; Rob Saul – Urology; Lisa Halliwell – Ward 14; Joy Cox – Urology; Rebecca Jones – Ward 37; Juanita Sintes – CCU; Tracey Chandler – Ward 14; Danielle Roberts – Ward 38; Vicky broad – ward 38; Elizabeth helm Croft – CCU; Linda Robertson – CITU.

Mentor of the year Runners-up: Sean Rogan – Orthopaedic Outpatients; Richard Dnistrianskyj – Ward 15B

Placement of the year Runners-up: Ward 14, Ward 37, Cardiac Theatres, Surgical Pre op Admissions

Children and Families

Mentor of the year Runners-up: Rebecca Leeming – Paediatric Ward, Christina Lavin – St Annes Health Visitors

 Placement of the year Runners-up: Mount View health Visitors, Team 1 Freckleton Health Visitors

Unscheduled care

Mentor of the year nominees: Tracey brown – Stroke Unit; Lynette Reid – Ward 10; Lisa Asher – Ward 11; Leanne Macefield – Ward 2; Gemma Smith – Ward 23; Jordan Reed – Ward C; Mark Holt – A+E (now resus); Vicky Williamson – A+E; Heather Seed – Dermatology; Simon Bardon – Critical Care; Amy Cartmel – Critical Care; Danielle Smith – Critical Care; Jenny Green – Ward 6; Kelly Dunning – Ward 8; Laura Taylor – Ward 2.

Mentor of the year – Runners- up: Sarah Darvile – AMU, Steph White – Stroke Unit, Debbie Senior – Ward 12, Helen Taylor – Ward 24.

Placement of the year Runners-up: Critical Care, Ward 18

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