Improved NHS cancer care saved husband’s life, says former clerical officer 

Cancer care has changed radically since the NHS was founded in 1948 when few treatments beyond surgery and primitive radiation therapy existed. 

But former Trust clerical officer Beverley Beaumont has seen for herself the big improvements since then. 

Husband John, who was an electrician for 13 years at Blackpool Victoria Hospital, was diagnosed this year with bile duct cancer which he’s being treated for at Royal Preston Hospital. 

But five years ago, he was diagnosed at Blackpool by Consultant ENT Surgeon Mr Ajay Nigam with an unrelated but very rare lymphoma. 

“My mum went for treatment for cervical cancer at The Christie Hospital in Manchester 37 years ago but it was too late and there was nothing they could do,” said Beverley. 

“When I with John for his treatment, it was very different – so modern and so improved.” 

John was put on a clinical trial for a new drug which successfully put his lymphoma in remission. 

“So many more treatments are available nowadays which wouldn’t have been available years ago,” said Beverley. “The NHS saved my husband’s life.”

Beverley started her NHS career in the late 1980s as an x-ray film night filer at the Vic. She then had a series of clerical officer jobs at the old Devonshire Road hospital, an elderly care mental health unit on Shorelands, Central Drive, and finally in medical records at Clifton Hospital, St Annes. 

She retired in 2018 with John to look after him following his illness. Their daughter, Kerry, however, keeps up the NHS tradition and is a healthcare assistant at the walk-in centre on Whitegate Drive, Blackpool. 

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