Q. Am I able to bring food in from outside the hospital?
A. As some patients require special diets and also to help control food-borne infections in the hospital, friends and relatives are asked to check with the nurse in charge of the ward before bringing in food and drinks.

Q. Can I visit during mealtimes?
A. Our patients have protected meal times and visitation is discouraged during these periods, unless prior arrangements have been made with the nurse in charge.

Q. Should I visit the hospital if I am feeling unwell?
A. If you are planning to visit the hospital and you are feeling unwell, we would ask that you do not attend in order to reduce the risk of spreading infection.

Q. Am I allowed to smoke on site?
A. No smoking is permitted within the hospital grounds.

Q. What items would be helpful for me to bring in for my friend/relative?
A. Any items of clothing and footwear that is comfortable and any toiletries

Q. Who is responsible for patient’s laundry?
A. All patient’s washing needs to be taken home by relatives or friends. Any soiled washing will be placed in soluble bags that can be placed directly into your washing machine and washed at 60 degrees.