Hospital staff make pledges for #FabChangeWeek

Are you ready for Fab Change Week?

Everyone and anyone can choose to make the NHS, primary care and social care better and today, our staff have been pledging just that!

Fab Change Week is a grassroots movement that asks anyone who engages with the NHS, primary care and social care, to make a change for the better and then to share what they have done to inspire others.

Fab Change Week is an opportunity to come together and harness collective energy, creativity and ideas to make change.

What will your action be?

Join us on the mezzanine on the following dates:  November 14 and 16 from 11.30 am to 2.00 pm as part of Fab Change Week 13-17 November. Be prepared for special guests too.

The team will be on hand to photograph your pledges and will upload images onto their website on your behalf. Come and get involved!

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