Greater collaboration for two North West Trusts

Blackpool Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (BTHFT) and East Lancashire Hospitals NHS Trust (ELHT have agreed to work in closer collaboration, with Kevin McGee as the Chief Executive and Accountable Officer of both Trusts.

Kevin McGee

Kevin has been undertaking this role on a temporary basis since May 2019 and both Trust Boards and NHSI/E support the appointment on a permanent basis. This strategy of collaboration follows extensive discussions with Board members of both organisations, the Governors at Blackpool FT, governance advisors and regulators and will see both Trusts benefit from sharing good practice and experience.

Speaking about the appointment, Pearse Butler, Chair of BTH said: “We are really pleased to have secured the services of Kevin McGee on an ongoing basis, having failed to find the right person in an extensive recruitment process.

“Kevin has a great reputation for success and is a champion of the people who are most important in ensuring effective and compassionate care for our patients – the staff.  I’d like to extend my sincere thanks to Professor Eileen Fairhurst, Chairman of East Lancashire Hospitals NHS Trust and her Board colleagues, for agreeing to this innovative arrangement, and to Kevin for accepting this challenging role. I am sure that the communities and the staff of both Trusts will benefit from this important decision.’’

The arrangement brings with it many benefits for the patients, staff and stakeholders of both organisations, including:

  • Enhancing quality of care
  • Drive towards financial sustainability
  • Improving performance
  • A strengthened leadership team across both Trusts
  • A strong career offer to all staff which will lead to more effective recruitment and retention, attracting the best staff and keeping them
  • Enhanced education and training, research and development with enhanced links to our local Universities
  • Quality improvement with scalability to ensure a move towards a consistent delivery of services
  • The ability to undertake a strategic review of services

The move to greater collaboration is in line with the national NHS strategy and the NHS Long Term Plan and reflects a paradigm shift in how providers in Lancashire and South Cumbria will work together in future to meet the significant health and care needs of the population.  The Trusts will continue to work with partners in their local ICPs, (Integrated Care Partnerships) as well as the wider Lancashire and South Cumbria (ICS) Integrated Care System (Healthier Lancashire and South Cumbria).

An ongoing assurance process has been agreed with NHSE/I to pave the way for a future where the Trusts continue to work effectively together to deliver quality outcomes and improved patient experience and play an active role in supporting the ICS strategic objectives.

Kevin said:”’I’m delighted to be appointed to this role and excited at the prospect of carrying on leading both Trusts on their continuing improvement journeys at what is undoubtedly a challenging time for everyone working in the NHS.

“Both Trusts have much to commend them, especially the staff – who are all among the best I’ve ever worked with. I am totally committed to ensuring that the people of Fylde Coast and East Lancashire have access to the best services possible, in the most appropriate place, provided by the NHS. I’d like to thank my executive colleagues, senior teams, the members of both Boards and Governors at Blackpool for their support and confidence.’’

Prof Eileen Fairhurst, Chairman ELHT said: “I have no doubt that Kevin will be a great success in undertaking this new, extended role especially given the support he will have from his close team. Both hospital Trusts are set to gain from each other in this ongoing collaboration.

“Thanks to the calibre of leadership we have enjoyed at our Trust for some years now, I have every confidence in the people here to continue to provide the highest levels of safe, personal and effective care for our patients, and I look forward to a sharing of knowledge and expertise across both Trusts. I also look forward to the greater collaboration of NHS Trusts and stakeholders across Lancashire and South Cumbria in order to deliver the benefits people, patients and relatives deserve.”

The Trusts will continue to work collaboratively with the ICS to ensure that we see a step change in delivery via closer collaboration and attain the system’s goal of delivering the agreed health and care outcomes for the people in Lancashire and South Cumbria.


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