Get ready for staff #flu vaccination season!

Occupational Health’s Sue Houldsworth and Kerrie Chesters

GET ready for the Flu Vaccination season!

The vaccination schedule began on October 2 and has got off to a flying start!

This year, the southern  hemisphere has been hit hard by the flu virus. Luckily, the vaccination for the coming season combats the H3N2 strain which has been causing the problem.

The flu vaccination is required each year by individuals as the virus can mutate and would not be recognised by the antibodies made in response to the previous vaccines.

There is an incubation period of one to five days and it will take 14 days to become immune, hence why it is so important to get vaccinated early.

Week 1 rota of Occupational Health staff flu clinics. Others are listed on the staff intranet and extra events will be posted on the Trust’s social media sites


The NHS has a duty to protect itself, the health and wellbeing of its staff and its patients. Getting the vaccination remains the best way to help prevent staff becoming unwell with flu and also stop the spread of the infection throughout the hospital.


The annual flu awareness video will be out soon which will inform staff of where and when they can get their jabs before the deadline at the end of December.

Each division who has the highest percentage of vaccinated staff will win the coveted Flu Campaign Division Cup which will be awarded at a special event in January.

Planning is underway to make vaccinators available in the early morning and in the evening in order to be more convenient for those working on various shifts. Weekly clinics ran by Occupational Health and each division, are displayed on the Trust’s staff intranet.

Also underway, is the filming of this year’s flu video, which will be available to watch shortly.

Keep tuned via the Trust’s social media sites for the latest news and events and see if your division is in the lead!


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