Fylde coast residents urged to talk about organ donation

Lee Alexander, Rosie Neath and Jo Haythornthwaite promote organ donation at Blackpool Victoria Hospital

Lee Alexander, Rosie Neath and Jo Haythornthwaite promote organ donation at Blackpool Victoria Hospital

Fylde coast residents are being asked to make sure their family know about their decision to save lives through donating their organs.

As part of Organ Donation Week, Blackpool Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust has been leading a campaign urging more people to “Turn an end into a beginning” by adding their names to the national organ donation register and talking to their families about their decision.

Every day across the UK around three people die whilst waiting for a lifesaving organ transplant and there are currently 6,500 people waiting for a transplant.

Last year 74 transplants were received by patients in Lancashire but sadly 13 people in the county died before they received the organ they desperately needed.

Lee Coulthard, Specialist Nurse for Organ Donation at the Trust, said: “Organ donors do save lives. Sadly, around three people die every day because there are not enough organs for those who desperately need them.

“In many cases family members may not be aware of their relative’s decision to donate their organs and it makes supporting donation extremely difficult. During this week, I am urging people to speak up and have those conversations with their family.

“I would also ask people to really think this week whether they could be an organ donor. People’s lives have been changed thanks to donors across the area and we would like to help even more people who are in need of a transplant.”

Lee was helped by Jo Haythornthwaite who donated her husband’s organs and lung transplant recipient Rosie Neath who told their stories at a special well attended public seminar.

The three also worked together to hold awareness sessions for staff and visitors including one session with a giant Operation style interactive game at Blackpool Victoria Hospital which was an innovative way of publicising the subject.

For more information about organ donation please visit the Organ Donation website www.organdonation.nhs.uk/

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