Foundation Year doctors go on an adventure!

Foundation doctors on development day

Foundation Year doctors had a day of activities at the Village Hotel to develop their teamwork skills and get to know their peers better.

The day is for the trainees to work on non-clinical issues, including leadership, team-building and resilience that are vital in a clinical setting.

The off-site venue provides a break from the hospital setting after what has been a challenging first month for many of the trainees.

Broken up into discussion and practical based tasks, the schedule sees the FY1s examine the pressures placed on junior doctors and the importance of asking for help when required.

Doug Henderson, team building consultant from the company DHA, facilitated the event. His company strive to provide activities in an outdoor setting with the aim of applying learn skills to an indoor setting.

Doug said: “The day is very beneficial to the doctors. It helps to enhance their communication, development and resilience skills, in order to improve their job role performance.

Doctor Marina Ransome

“There are many challenges to overcome during the team building exercise. It is important for the doctors to trust one another and build bonds with their peers. We saw over the course of the day the doctors grew in confidence and learned to have a voice in a team. This skill is very important to have within their working roles.

“We love to provide learning opportunities and allow our groups to put into practice the skills they have built on. We provide feedback at the end of the activity in order to allow reflection to the group”.

Rebecca Greaves, Foundation Programme Administrator, attended the development day to spend time with her group of trainees in an informal setting, gauging the personal development of individual trainees, and assessing the cohesion of the FY1 group.

Maisarah Amran enjoying her afternoon

Rebecca said: “Our Medical Education team proactively offer formal support to the Foundation trainees, via their Educational and Clinical Supervisors, Foundation Programme Directors and the Foundation Administrator role.  However, by encouraging the new trainees to bond as group, vital friendships will form that will provide the basis for effective, informal support.  This will prove useful from a professional and personal perspective.

“The working pressures felt by junior doctors are multiple, but as with any individual, pressures can come from their home life too.  We use the Development Day to reiterate ways to build resilience look out for each other and seek support as soon as required, before any issues become overwhelming.

“Feedback from the day was positive overall, however the Foundation team review the format each year, to ensure relevance and effective learning.

“Next year, we plan to introduce role play scenarios and invite clinical staff to present”.

To see the development day in action, please click the link:


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