Family and Friends Feedback now available in a range of languages

The Trust’s Family and Friends feedback forms are now available in seven languages following a successful quality improvement project which aimed to increase accessibility to allow all communities to voice their views to help us make improvements as a Trust.

Family and friends feedback (FFT) aims to capture feedback from all patients so that as a Trust, we can improve our services, where needed. The Sexual Health team in Burnley realised that a significant proportion of their patients who are non-English speaking, were being excluded from feeding back on their care and that this brought about inequalities.

Dr Tina Dwivedi and Dr Ashley Jefferies, from our Sexual Health services; together with the Patient Engagement team, have been working on a QI project called All Views Matter, to eliminate these inequalities within the Trust. Extensive research was conducted around what the top languages were in and around the Blackpool, Wyre, Fylde and the wider Lancashire areas and found that the top 6 languages were: Urdu, Polish, Romanian, Arabic, Kurdish Sorani and Bengali.

From this research, the Patient Engagement now offer the Friends and Family feedback forms in all of these languages, alongside the Easy Read and Large print. We encourage anyone who books an interpreter to have the forms readily available to your patients, to allow them to feedback their views on your services and have a voice in the improvements we make as a Trust, because all views really do matter.

You can order your language FFT forms by getting in touch with the Patient Experience team at

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