ENT trainees get hands on training

Trainees practicing their ENT skills

The Clinical Skills Lab hosted a special training session for a mixture of ENT trainees.

The ENT coblation workshop was organised and hosted by ENT consultants Mr Vikas Malik, Mr Paul Hans and Mrs Aditi Shanbhag and was supported by Smith and Nephew who kindly provided all the kit for the hands-on training.

Clinical Skills Manager, Mike Dickinson, helped in organising the Skills Lab.

The workshop was attended by ENT trainees and newly appointed consultants from the North of England. 

Mr Malik said: “There is an increasing use of coblation technology in ENT surgery. Traditionally it has been used for tonsillectomy but there are an increasing number of procedures.

“Coblation can also be used for procedures such as adenoidectomy, nasal turbinate surgery, snoring surgery, laryngeal surgery and nasal cosmetic surgery for Rhinophyma.

“This training is not available in all centres. We have been using coblation technology in the ENT department at Blackpool for several years. The Skills Lab at Blackpool is modern and fully equipped to cater to similar courses and workshops.

“At Blackpool we have the experience, and the surgeons who are willing to teach in excellent facilities at Blackpool. This is why we organised the course here and we plan to run the course annually.

“We are pleased to say that the feedback received from the course was excellent.

“The trainees found the workshop very useful. They learnt about the Coblation technology, how to set it up and its use in different ENT procedures.

“They also practiced different procedures on chicken breast, steak and oranges”.


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