Waiting Times

It is difficult to predict how long you will wait as this depends on the number of patients attending the department, and the seriousness of their conditions. You should be informed of the approximate length of time that you will wait or of more relevance, how many patients are waiting before you. Priority is given to those patients who need immediate attention.

We ask that people who need urgent NHS care contact NHS 111 either by phone or online before they decide to walk in to A&E.

To ensure social distancing in the emergency department waiting areas people who do not need an ambulance are being asked to contact NHS 111 for an appointment before attending. The service will then book them a time slot at the emergency department at Blackpool Victoria Hospital or at the most appropriate health service for the patient.

Please note that arriving in an ambulance does not mean that you will necessarily be seen quicker, as you will still be re-assessed and prioritised on arrival. Patients already referred by their GP to another speciality may still sometimes have to wait in the Emergency Department, if their ward bed is not immediately available.  We aim to see all patients within a maximum of four hours of arrival. During your stay in the department it may be necessary to take blood tests and arrange X-rays. These have to be ordered, processed and have their results reviewed by your doctor and this may in turn extend your stay.

View our live waiting times (updated every 30 minutes).