Emergency Department

The Emergency Department (A&E) at Blackpool Victoria Hospital is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week to treat emergency and life-threatening conditions. Patients are prioritised in order of clinical need – the most clinically urgent patients will be seen as a priority.


If you are not sure when to visit A&E, there is further information here.

If your symptoms are not an emergency, the NHS 111 service is available 24/7 for advice. Calls are free and they can advise you of the best service for your needs. If advisors deem it necessary for you to be seen by a GP or if you need to be seen in A&E, they can arrange this for you.

You can visit NHS 111 online, here where a handy symptom checker can guide you to the most appropriate service. You can also connect with trained advisors who can advise you further.

Anyone with life threatening conditions that need emergency attention should call 999. If the condition is not serious, you should seek advice from a pharmacy, make an appointment with your GP or visit an urgent care centre. You can find your nearest services here: https://www.fyidirectory.co.uk/health

The Emergency Department (ED) at Blackpool Victoria Hospital is one of the busiest in the country. It provides a full range of services for the 352,000 residents of Blackpool, Wyre and Fylde and the 18.2 million annual visitors to the resort. The department sees approximately 75,214 patients each year.

The ED works collaboratively with the Urgent Care Centre which combines minor injuries, illnesses and primary care facilities for non-emergency cases and the ED for more serious or life threatening cases requiring immediate treatment.

The service provides care to self-referred patients and those brought in by ambulance. The department liaises closely with all other specialities within the hospital.

Please be aware that visiting or accompanying people to the Emergency Department at Blackpool Victoria Hospital remains restricted.

You can only accompany or visit people seeking or receiving treatment in the Emergency Department if they have:

  •  Mental health needs
  •  Cognitive impairment
  •  Communication challenges such as visual or hearing impairment
  •  Or English is not their first language

In addition, any child under the age of 18 can have one nominated parent or carer accompany them to the Emergency Department.

You can find live waiting times below. The information is updated every 30 minutes.


Patients currently in the Emergency Department: 79
Longest time to be seen at triage (nurse) today: 303 minutes
Longest time to be seen by a doctor today: 433 minutes
Average time spent in the Emergency Department: 3:30


You can follow the ED team on social media: