Nuffield Early Language Intervention (Nursery and Reception)

Nuffield early language interventionA structured programme of intervention aimed at children with mild-moderate language delay, or those at risk of difficulties.

The Nursery intervention is a 10 week programme delivered in the summer term before children start school. It involved 3 small group sessions per week and focuses on listening skills, vocabulary development, and narrative skills. Practitioners attend a full day training course and resources are provided including session outlines, picture resources etc.

The Reception intervention is a 20 week programme to be delivered in the reception year. Again the programme format involves 3 small group sessions per week, with additional individual sessions for each child. The programme also focuses on listening, vocabulary and narrative, with an additional focus on phonological awareness in the last 10 weeks. Practitioners attend two days of training and receive resources with session outlines, picture resources etc.

The programme was designed by researchers at University of York and is distributed by ICAN.