Letters and Sounds Phase One

This workshop is delivered by EYFS Consultants from Lancashire County Council


  • To support and foster children’s speaking and listening skills through high quality interactions with skilled practitioners
  • To support practitioners to firmly embed the teaching of phonics into their everyday routines using fun activities
  • To introduce practitioners to the principles and practice of High Quality Phonics

Key messages:

  • Overview of reading components
  • Read and language development – phonological awareness
  • Letters and sounds structure
  • Phase One importance
  • Definitions phoneme and grapheme
  • CVC sorting
  • Blending and segmenting
  • Oral blending – includes enunciation, dialects, standard English, EAL
  • Listening and attention – process and ideas to support
  • Phase One aspects and strands exemplified
  • Phase one outcomes
  • Key features of effective practice using case studies

Planning and routines to support phase one phonics